DisclosureFest and California State Parks present

The Mass Meditation Initiative

Los Angeles State Historic Park

Saturday June 23, 2018

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The 2nd annual mass meditation, yoga, music and arts festival in the central hub of downtown Los Angeles that brings our global community together via a live stream group meditation

Los Angeles State Historic Park

1245 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012 – Get Map



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2018 Phase One Line Up


Saul David Raye

Kirtan, Yoga Workshop

Saul David Raye is a teacher, healer, musician & spiritual activist. He is a co-founder + co-director of Mandala Center in Los Angeles, where he lives with his family and teaches weekly classes. He has been practicing and teaching for over 25 years, primarily influenced by his studies of Ha-tha Yoga, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Tantra, Thai Massage, Pranic Healing, Shamanism and Indigenous practices. Saul is able to bring alive the ancient wisdom teachings for modern seekers and create a safe space for students to connect deeply with their own authentic power, spirit and truth. Saul’s authentic and heart-centered teaching has influenced many students and teachers around the world. For over 20 years he has taught at conferences, festivals & retreats both in the USA & abroad and has presented alongside many luminaries in the Spiritual world. As an artist he recorded an album of world mantra music (10,000 Suns Music for Healing, Peace + Awakening) with 2 songs that have gone to #3 + #4 on the iTunes world music charts. He has chanted at many yoga centers and festivals and continues to share his work through teacher trainings, workshops, classes, sacred journeys + retreats and sacred music.

Andrew Sealy

Acro Yoga

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love, to friends around the world. Through the unique practice of Yoga and mindful living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Cheri Rae

Hatha Yoga

Yoga is Love | Heart of Yoga

“I see a world of 7 billion humans evolving and remembering that we belong to each other.”

Cheri Rae fell in love with yoga in 1987 and has been sharing this joy ever since. Though her practice is rooted in traditional ashtanga/hatha yoga, her humor makes yoga accessible to everyone! You will be inspired and entertained by this passionate, magical experience. She will remind you that you are me – I am you – we are one. We must re-marry ourselves everyday.

You can find Cheri Rae at Peace Yoga Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, where through the discipline of yoga, a community of people have discovered that:

yoga is the science of peace
we must go inside
we must slow down
yoga = self-love
self-love = inner peace
inner peace = global peace


For More Info:

Melissa Breslow

Naam Yoga

Melissa Breslow teaches yoga, breath, and shares divine spiritual wisdom. She is an aromatherapist, energy, and sound healer.

Melissa focuses on helping people achieve that point of bliss through tapping into their self-healing mechanism. Learn the tools to master the self to find joy and happiness in your life. Through positivity, breath, and movement, we can control our nervous system, blood chemistry, and overall health. Find physical healing in shifting your emotions through thought.

The Conscious Groove

Shakti Naam Yoga and Music

The Conscious Groove is a band of harmonious gypsies that travel around spreading Loving vibrations through sound, breath, and ancient pranic techniques and prayers to raise the vibrational frequency for individual and global healing. Vibrating positive lyrics and mantra from many different traditions and belief systems, The Conscious Groove serves to spread the frequency of love and devotion, helping listeners connect to the Creative Life Force that lives within the heart. Move and groove to fun and uplifting rhythms, expand the body, mind, and soul in the cosmic practice of Shakti Naam Yoga, be anointed with sacred Wisdom of the Earth plant and tree medicine, and chant as One with commUNITY and The Conscious Groove at this year’s Vegfest.

Samy Rose

Breath / Shadowwork Yoga

Create your own experience through the transformational and healing powers of breath. This guided meditation will take you deeper into consciousness and your own depths as you use your prune to self-love and heal. Beautiful and powerful meditation and connection.

Samy Rose is one of the co-founders of One Life Yoga. She is a free-spirited yoga teacher, healer, activist, philanthropists, vegan, lightworker, and dream-maker. She finds peace in creative expression, music, dance, nature, adventure, and of course, within. Her creative fire is further sparked through her time spent healing and facilitating self-love and connection through her company Glitter Vibe Tribe by raising awareness, taking action, and helping good causes with environmentally-friendly glitter. She loves her time in nature with her best friend and wolf-dog, Lilly.

Karen Russell

Yoga Groove

Yoga Groove was created by Karen Russell as a conscious tone and fit barre class which incorporates the yoga philosophy, precise classic barre movements, and choreographed dance sequences. Join Karen as she takes you away from the barre to experience the Yoga Groove workshop as you combine the philosophy of yoga within several sacred dances to inspire you. Since the beginning of time there was the dance!

Karen Russell started her movement career in Erie, Pennsylvania. By the time she was in her early twenties she performed professionally on stage, in feature films, and on television. She has performed with legends such as; Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bette Midler, Kenny Chesney, and Alice Cooper. Karen started her passion for yoga in 1997 while studying Iyengar in NYC, but it was a dance injury in 2000, that guided her to a professional yoga career.

She enhanced her knowledge of yoga while studying with top yoga experts in the United States and abroad. Since 2005, Karen has been an active teacher, producer, community outreach representative, and ambassador for Lululemon. She created the Yoga Groove Studio, and then offered her yoga management skills for Corepower Yoga, Naam Yoga LA, Mandala Center, and Tantris Center for Yogic Science and Retail Store . Enjoy Karen's many educational offerings, such as; the Yoga Groove DVD, Meditation CD, 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course, the ``In the Heart of Yoga`` educational series which was shot in India and her Restorative Yoga Training course. Karen is excited to be part of the Yoga NoHo Center with Michelle Mirkovich building an amazing community to serve others.

Stephen Huntsman

Tantra Yoga

aka: ``YES!``


As the honored President and Co-Founder of L♡ I am energized with heartfelt passion for Complete Loving Wellness for ALL! Let's allow the loving Conscious Light of the Meta~verse to shine its Unified Infinite potential in and as Us.

Certifications + Experiences:
Shri Kali Ashram India: Yoga Alliance Certification, Tantric Yoga & Body Walk massage, Qi-Gong, Wuji, Mantak Chia, Breath Empowerment, Food Based Healing~Detox, Coaching~Leadership

Multi- Media Film-TV & Event- Conference- Festival Host- Spokesperson- Producer- Director- Promoter.

40+ years of Worldwide studies & entrepreneurial experiences including India, China+HK, Korea, Europe, Africa, The Americas and Iceland.
Officer trained Military Academy graduate.

Olympian DNA: Son of USA Head Olympic Track & Field Athletics team Coach Stan Huntsman.

Feel free to make contact and schedule Time & Space re: synergistic business ventures and/ or personal ~ group transformational opportunities, missions and successes... in concert together!

YES! Stanley Stephen Huntsman loves you.

Meghan Morris

Amba Yoga

Meghan has always found connection to source through movement.

Meghan became a yoga teacher at the age of 19. After over a decade of teaching and practicing yoga in the traditional styles which stem from a male lineage, Meghan discovered the feminine path of awakening through movement.

Originally from Kailua, Hawaii, Meghan feels a strong connection with the spirit of the islands and the healing energy of certain lands and waters. It is through reconnecting with wild lands – both outside in natural settings and inside her own body and breath – that Meghan began to rediscover her connection with the sacred feminine and wild feminine.

Meghan went through a decade-long healing journey, through which she learned to nurture and listen to her body and heart. What Meghan learned through her teachers, guides, and mentors has been so life changing for her that she is passionately devoted to sharing these practices with other women.

Meghan lives with her husband in Topanga Canyon, CA.

Maya Donovan

Vinyasa Yoga

Maya first came to her mat in 2012, and has been in love with the practice ever since. Her yoga practice has been her saving grace through several life struggles. For the first few years she mostly thought of yoga as more of a workout and stress reliever until one day she had a breakthrough that changed everything. Maya walked out of class in tears because she was so unbelievably happy. She was overwhelmed with this feeling of infinite potential and self-worth, like she could manifest anything she wanted… These feelings gave her the strength to leave a career she was no longer happy in and began to share this practice with as many people as possible. It was at that time she went to Bali to study under a gurukula styled teacher training and received her first 200hr certificate in Vinyasa & Hatha yoga. Upon returning to the states Maya began training to teach Hot Power Fusion with Corepower Yoga receiving her second 200hr certification. Additionally, she has taken an extension program for HPF and took a module specifically oriented to teach beginners, seniors, guided meditation, and chair yoga. Maya is passionate about using yoga for true healing and believes yoga is for EVERYBODY. Her practice and teaching comes from a deeply spiritual core that has led her to believe yoga is more about “working in” and working out comes as a bonus. Her ultimate goal is to give you the tools to learn to follow your own wisdom, your own intuition, your own heart and ultimately to be your own teacher. She hopes to help you shed layers of yourself that no longer serve you and step into your highest and Truest Self while experiencing the joy of yoga.

Chutney Berry

Kundalini Yoga

Chutney Berry has been practicing yoga since 1996. Her interest has been a winding journey of styles and teachers weaving her way through Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Recovery Yoga and currently Kundalini Yoga. She has studied with Beth Shaw, Diane Beardsly, Bryan Kest, Anthony Bennenati, John Friend, Gurmuhk and presently Tej Kaur Khalsa.

“My primary objective” says Berry “is to guide people to their own greatness, that everything they are looking for is on the inside and that there is a solution to every problem.” “Yoga is an agent for change and that agent is also referred to as the guru within.” Chutney uses her yoga classes to exercise the body in a way that stimulates and strengthens the entire mind/body connection. Teaching through yoga how to navigate the ups and downs of their own lives while learning how to quiet the ever changing mind.

Kundalini Yoga is a process that takes us beyond the mind to where we can follow our hearts. It gives us an increased awareness of the body's internal processes. Every class will address issues relevant to living in today's world. Strengthening the nervous system, stretching and building muscles, stimulating the glandular system, cleansing the tissues, opening and balancing the chakras with sound, mantra, breath and meditation. All classes are open to everyone. Every class ends with a deep relaxation.

Speakers / Workshops

Jimmy Church

Fade To Black Radio / Game Changer Network

Jimmy Church is the host of FADE to BLACK, a nightly talk-radio show that is broadcast live 7-10pm PST on the Game Changer Network on IHeart Radio and syndicated on KGRAdb the Planet. The show is broadcast out on every major live internet stream including: Spreaker, Live 365, TuneIn, Shoutcast, Icecast, Voscast and Talk Stream Live. F2B is one of the biggest and highest-rated shows on the internet and is a traditional late-night long-form conversation program with a paranormal/UFO/conspiracy format.

Ranked #33 by Talk Stream Live: The Top 50 Most Influential National Talk-show Hosts 2015.

Radio: Current guest host on Coast to Coast AM, Premiere Radio Networks/iHeartradio

TV: Hangar 1: The UFO Files series on the History Channel. Time Beings: Time-Travel Conspiracies, the History Channel.

TV: Host of new series premiering fall 2016 on the History Channel/A&E Network.

FADE to BLACK covers everything from UFOs, time-travel, lost civilizations and fringe science. We have only the biggest, best and brightest guests on the show and our standards are very, very high.

FADE to BLACK is the largest in the genre and we continue to grow our audience through a very dedicated social media presence via Twitter, FB and YouTube.


Dance.Sing.Play Workshop


Join master percussionist, musician, and healer PORANGUÍ as we create a circle of rhythm, sound, and movement! Rediscover the first and most complex instrument known to humankind: your self. Together we will explore where body percussion, voice and Spirit meet in a polyrhythmic dance. By connecting with our body's innate pulse and cultivating that expression in a safe & celebratory container, we unfold ourselves to emBody Dance, Sing our Soul and Play our Mind.

No experience necessary...this is for ALL! Come and experience the playful and fun VIBE created by a circle of people grooving to collective rhythm!

About Your Facilitator:
Poranguí sonically combines his cross-cultural background as a musician, artist and healer to engage and inspire his students to discover new possibilities for creative expression and personal empowerment. With twenty years of study and practice with an interdisciplinary degree from Duke University in Integrative Medicine, Poranguí’s work as a therapist combines the healing properties of sound & movement as an integral part of our physical, emotional and energetic well-being.


Quantum Third Eye Activation & Heart Awakening

Founder of 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing and 5th Dimensional Quantum Awareness, master healer, spiritual teacher, Zarathustra, started receiving downloads from entities identifying themselves as “5th Dimensional Guides” turning his right hand into a High Frequency Transmitter, giving him the ability to perform psychic surgery and third eye activations. By Divine guidance, Zarathustra emerges to lead our consciousness to the 5th Dimension.

In this powerful 2 hour lecture, Zarathustra will open the portal to the 5th Dimension, reconnecting you to Source Energy and activating your Third Eye as a crucial element to ascension. Come learn as master healer and spiritual teacher, Zarathustra guides you and gives you tools to open your Third Eye, including a specialized breathing technique as well as dynamic meditations to activate the pineal gland, resulting in:

• Enhanced psychic and healing abilities
• Sharpened intuition
• Accelerated wisdom and learning
• Production of DMT which removes the illusion of duality
• Access to alternate dimensions and paranormal realities
• Increased clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities

Using active meditations, combined with self-love affirmations Zarathustra will help you open your heart and make a quantum leap into that place of silence and stillness within your being where there is no self-judgment but only pure self-love and self-acceptance.

Ben Decker

The Yin and the Yang

Join Ben Decker, author of Practical Meditation for Beginners, in a special workshop exploring the Yin (receptive, dark, feminine) and the Yang (active, light, masculine) aspects of our being through meditation and mindful awareness, and how to harness these energies and powerfully express them in our lives and out in the world.

Benjamin W. Decker is a social activist, meditation teacher, and author of Practical Meditation for Beginners. He is the Director of Education for The Institute For Transformational Thinking and is the former Director of Outreach for humanitarian aid organization and anti-human trafficking organization Unlikely Heroes. He was the founding Spiritual Director of Full Circle Venice, and a founding teacher at Unplug Meditation, The DEN Meditation, and Wanderlust.

Cheri Rae

Living Foods

i have been CHEF'n and studying plant-based medicine (a.k.a living foods)

since i was 17....i am 47...WHAT 30 YEARS.....omg

my food is my l.o.v.e.

i GUARANTEE the most extraordinary culinary explosion in your mouth

ALL one can believe it until they eat it!!

come experience l.o.v.e
live. organic. visionary. evolution.

Seth Misterka

An Introduction To Sound Healing

Seth Misterka is a musician and meditation teacher who began studying yoga in 1994 as a teenager, after receiving a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s classic 'Light on Yoga'. While studying philosophy and music at Wesleyan University, he met his first guru in the form of master musician Anthony Braxton who introduced him to the mystical dimension of sound. He has additionally studied at Ananda Ashram and Fairhaven Healing Arts Center with master energy healer Lisa Ishwari Murphy who introduced him to Svaha Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. He currently lives in Los Angeles, practicing and teaching music, yoga, and mediation at Mystic Journey LA.

Richard Yiap

Light Alchemist - Transcend your Old World

Richard Yiap left a 22 year stellar career in corporate management to pursue his spiritual calling. He is a Tony Buzzan mind mapping advanced trainer, creator of Quantum Mapping, a NLP Master, International Public Speaker, Australia’s fatherhood expert, Character First coach, a Quantum Transition spiritual coach, and creator of Holographic Healing.

He is one of the world's foremost experts on the new light (flashing) technology. Together with Sian, he travels around the world, firing up grids at sacred sites for planetary Ascension, using Light Alchemy. His big humanitarian project is to Transform Homeless into Holistic Community (

Sian Chua

Cosmic Healing / Past Life Regressions

Sian Chua, from Perth, Australia left behind a successful career as an Attorney & Prosecutor, to follow her spiritual path. She is now a Clinical Hypnotherapist and National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH) Certified Hypnotist, Life Coach, an Akashic Records and Russian Regeneration Healing Teacher.

She is also a co-creator with Richard Yiap, her partner, of Holographic Healing. Together, they travel the world, to sacred sites to fire up light grids and create new ones, using Light alchemy (, and are also here to resurrect and re-establish of the Great Light Temple of Lemuria, in Maui, to facilitate the Ascension of humanity to the New Earth.

She continues the profound healing work of Dolores Cannon in Cosmic Healing - a NEW healing modality.

Jay Ponti

National Organizer & Transformational Leader

Visionary Leaders Workshop Strange times are upon us. Humanity has set upon an uncertain course, and there has never been a time it has been more important to call our selves forth to be prepared for the changes happening on the planet. Join us for the Visionary Leaders Workshop to discover pathways to uncovering and transforming the underlying beliefs keeping you from realizing your highest vision for your career, relationships, spiritual connection or how you make a difference in the world. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein flew in from out of state to participate in this training in 2014. This will not be just another talk, so get ready to roll up your sleeves. Attendees will participate in engaging exercises to discover the passions waiting to be made a reality. Whatever level of mastery you are at, this technology will allow you to take your game to the next level. In addition you will participate in a dynamic energetic earth peace meditation and you will also receive ancient meditation techniques from the Himalayas to overcome fear, anxiety, and awaken your true Jedi power. This training will be facilitated by Jay Ponti

Jay Ponti is one of the nation’s top direct action grassroots organizers and the co-Creator of the #BankExit campaign to defund the Dakota Access Pipeline, which ignited divestment campaigns nationwide exceeding $5.6 Billion in personal and civic withdrawals from the big banks funding fossil fuels . He masterminded
#ClooneyCounterParty protest of money in politics which received world wide media attention, and has organized demonstrations for Jane Fonda, Dolores Huerta and many other world renowned visionary activists. He produced the #ClimateRevolution events in Los Angeles and at the 2016 DNC. Ponti was a core organizer of global meditation synch of 2012 and UN NGO committee member of United Nations Day of Peace & Ceasefire. Jay Ponti is also a top transformational meditation and performance coach, trained as a senior teacher of the kriya yoga meditation lineage of Mahavatar Babaji and served as aide-de-camp to Himalayan Master Yogiraj.

Helane Marie Anderson

You Are Meant To Sing!

10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice

Connect with your voice, home of the throat chakra, through singing, toning, meditation and movement. Your singing voice is meant to be heard!

Do you sing in the shower while being too afraid to share your voice with others? Do you long to be in touch with that part of yourself that loves to sing and use your voice? If you miss having the confidence to sing and would like to ready yourself to unleash your inner voice to the outer world, now is the time. Connecting with your vocal essence will open doors in every area of your life, and your voice is ready to be shared.

Join us for an introduction to her 10-step process for transforming your voice and learning how to harness your personal power muscles to sing. Discover the reasons why you have been too silent and overcome them as you acquire tools for using vocal expression to heal yourself. And most importantly, reconnect with a wellspring of inner joy through singing. This workshop will involve movement, breathing, toning and most importantly, SINGING!

Helane Anderson is the author of YOU ARE MEANT TO SING! 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice. Helane is an Inner Voice Coach, Singer and Sound Healer helping people use their singing voices to communicate their message and connect with the deepest parts of themselves. She is also a trained classical pianist and singer with extensive experience in the classical music industry as an administrator. She has held Artistic Programming positions at both the Los Angeles Philharmonic and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and served as Director of Composers & Repertoire at renowned classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes. After spending many years in the music industry while continuing to work as a performing arts consultant, Helane decided it was time to give back. She eventually reconnected with her voice through an extensive healing journey though building a healing practice with massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, shamanism, yoga teacher training and sound healing, and eventually created YOU WERE MEANT TO SING!, a program that gets people to connect with their inner voices, sing and themselves share with the world!

Martha Sofer

Ayurdeda & Vedic Astrology

The Dance of Our Heavenly Bodies
- Founder of Surya Spa

An Interactive Workshop That Combines Practical Principles Of Modern Ayurveda With The Ancient Science Of Vedic Astrology

In India, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology are sister sciences designed to optimize our health and wellbeing, and transform our destiny. In this hands-on workshop, Martha Soffer, founder Surya Spa, LA’s premier Ayurveda Spa, and Michael Nourse, Surya’s acclaimed Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer), will demonstrate the interconnecting principles of our bodies and the stars, and ground the entire discussion in the simplicity of daily life. Bring your smartphone and your birth place, date and time, and get ready to liberate your heavenly bodies!

For More Info:


Yoga Ecstatic Dance

Atasiea- pronounced (‘Ah-tah-see-ay’) means- 'Oneness'.

Atasiea (a.k.a. Kenneth Lawrence Ferguson), is a Reiki Master, Bodyworker, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Minister, Dancing Freedom Facilitator, Professional Actor, Dancer, Martial Artist, Educator, and Event Producer.

He was born and raised in Oakland California, and trained in Los Angeles, and Surrey, United Kingdom. He currently resides in LA, where he Co-Produces Ecstatic Dance Los Angeles- an all ages, drug and alcohol free, freeform dance community event, with Yoga, Massage, Energy Healing, DJ’s, and Vegan Cuisine.

Atasiea is the founder of Angelic Presence Healing- A private healing arts organization, which provides individuals with wholistic healing through massage, energy healing, yoga instruction, life coaching, spiritual guidance counseling, and educational programs.

As an intuitive healer and educator, he provides physical, emotional, and psycho-spiritual support to all people through Reiki, intuitive healing, bodywork, nuero-linguistic reprograming, channeling, conscious dance, and ceremonial facilitation.

For More Info:

Robin Parrish

Yoga Ecstatic Dance

Robin Parrish is the co-founder and a resident DJ of Ecstatic Dance LA. He is a life-long musician specializing in live performance, drums, percussion and sound healing. His rhythmic Ecstatic Dance journeys include a diverse range of compelling music from multiple genres designed to light up the dance floor and paint a theatrical score that inspires heartfelt movement and joy. Robin's passion in life is in creating experiences that evoke transformation and healing in others. Expect expansive, melodic and rhythmic crescendos as the music lays the foundation for physical release, mind-body nourishment and liberating play. Genres include: World Music, Tribal, EDM, West-Coast Bass, Trap, Reggae, Dub, Classical, Funk, Electro-Swing, Dubstep, Cinematic and more.


Siddha Healing

Healing Workshop with Divojananda & SwahaRon

This workshop will offer each person that attends a free mini healing. This healing energy is an introduction to the ‘Law of Grace’ initiation and to the ‘Law of Lightness’ initiation.

We will be offering attendees free samples of Maha Siddha Energetic/Herbal Medicines from the Immortal Siddhas of Tamal Nadu India. These medicines are non-psychedelic and are for those souls that get a clear YES in their hearts. Immortal Siddhas are advanced Souls that have Dissolved into Light while alive, so of which interact with us in a physical body as they choose to! Blessings Guaranteed!


Siddha Healing

Healing Workshop with Divojananda & SwahaRon

This workshop will offer each person that attends a free mini healing. This healing energy is an introduction to the ‘Law of Grace’ initiation and to the ‘Law of Lightness’ initiation.

We will be offering attendees free samples of Maha Siddha Energetic/Herbal Medicines from the Immortal Siddhas of Tamal Nadu India. These medicines are non-psychedelic and are for those souls that get a clear YES in their hearts. Immortal Siddhas are advanced Souls that have Dissolved into Light while alive, so of which interact with us in a physical body as they choose to! Blessings Guaranteed!

Jon Nash

Indigo Starseed Children Space

Beautify Our Lives w/ Jon Nash and Megan Inaé Thomas will be hosting the Smoothie Golactivation Station and bringing smiles of love on our star seed children’s faces.

Megan Inaé Thomas

Indigo Starseed Children Space

Beautify Our Lives w/ Jon Nash and Megan Inaé Thomas will be hosting the Smoothie Golactivation Station and bringing smiles of love on our star seed children’s faces.

Cody Chappel

TreePeople, Southern California

Wildland Restoration Manager

``Restoring the ecological function of the Santa Monica Mountains, located in Southern California's Mediterranean climate-zone.``

Cody is a specialist in Botany, restoration ecology, agronomy, wildfire-suppression/mitigation, public education, habitat regeneration.

As the Los Angeles region faces severe impacts from climate change, TreePeople unites the power of trees, people and nature-based solutions to grow a more climate-ready city. The organization inspires, engages and supports Angelenos to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, facilitates collaboration among government agencies, and promotes leadership by grassroots volunteers, students and communities. Together, we are growing a greener, shadier, healthier and more water-secure Los Angeles for present and future generations.

For more info, visit

Chad Keel

Primitive Living Skills

Our ancient ancestors had a deep connection with the land, this workshop will reconnect you with those skills. This class will discuss primitive living skills such as natural cordage making, primitive pottery, primitive footwear, and primitive water filtration units. The workshop is taught in a tribe setting meaning individuals are working in groups to complete assigned tasks. Nature is the greatest teacher, and this class will help you reconnect with nature and humanity on a deeper level. Learning how to make something as simple as shoes from the wilderness can make even the simplest tasks more tolerable when living off the land. Reconnecting with the wilderness will allow you to “thrive in the wilderness rather than attempting to survive in the wilderness”. Many primitive tools will be built and explored from ethically sourced products coming directly from the local wilderness areas. This class will open your mind to the unlimited opportunities nature lends us in times of need.

Chad Keel is a naturalist and primitive survival instructor with strong foundational knowledge in biology, ecology, chemistry, geometry and geology. His dad was a renowned woodsman and taught him and his brothers how to survive in the wilderness. At age 20 he moved to Hawaii to work for Hawaii's Eco Tourism Association. This re-sparked his connection with nature and soon after he began traveling to train with various primitive survival instructors to further develop his skills and knowledge. At the age of 25, he started organizing “Nature Reconnection Classes” in South Orange County, California. The classes focussed on teaching survival skills as an alternative to depression and anxiety medications.

The classes turned into a success prompting him to teach survival skills on major TV Networks. In 2016 alone he was featured teaching survival on the Oxygen Network, and filmed a survival show in August 2016 for Discovery Channels ``Naked and Afraid``. In 2017 he trained in the Costa Rican rain forest and was made an Honorary Instructor for the Amazonas Survival School in Costa Rica. In 2018 he filmed another major survival TV show yet to be disclosed, and taught a week long workshop in the Northern most areas of Pakistan. He is the first instructor to ever teach primitive skills in Pakistan. He was also called to teach at numerous schools, and give lectures to their Police Force. He continues to train with various survival instructors across the globe, with the intention of bringing these skills back to students.

Jenny Miranbeau

Flowga: Free your dance, Liberate your soul

Flowga! A fun new way to get the energy flowing fluidly in our bodies creating balance in our lives. A unique class that weaves together yoga, dance, breathwork, flow art, qigong, meditation, and self massage. Emphasis is placed on staying connected to our breath as we move recognizing that our breath is the life force energy that moves through all things. Do you want more energy? Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body, clear in your mind and connected to yourself? Do you want to expand your movements as you move through life and/or dance? Do you want to feel empowered as you go about your day?

Jenny Mirambeau aka Jenergy is a yoga teacher, dancer and flow artist. She graduated from the University of Central Florida where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies. During her post college travel journeys through parts of South and Central America, Indonesia and the west coast of the United States she has acquired knowledge studying holistic health /natural medicine and skills and feels called to share. Upon realizing that the world’s problems initially originate from imbalances within individuals she decided to shift her focus towards creating a better world by inspiring and empowering the youth (and adults) through progressive mindfulness exercises in her classes, to help create more balanced leaders. Her Flowga class consists of yoga, movement expansion exercises, qigong, and connection games designed to empower individuals, break free from limiting beliefs, connect mind and body, and create a safe space for self expression.

Karen Seva

Sing the World Awake

A motivational music, movement, and yoga experience for children & the inner child to bring about inspired action for the transformation of our relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our planet!

SING THE WORLD AWAKE! combines group singing, sacred sound, indigenous songs, mudras, yoga, and dance. It is an “intention-based” group concert experience, in which YOU sing overlapping vocal parts for the healing of the earth and the awakening of human consciousness – and the energy generated by the collective shifts global consciousness in the direction of peace and sustainability.

For More Info:

Jess Starwood

Herbalist & Apothecary Science

Wild Epicure: Infusing Local Flavors and Medicinal Herbs in Vegan Desserts and Cheeses
Learn how to incorporate the flavors of local wild medicinal herbs and mushrooms in vegan chocolates, nut cheeses, and raw desserts. We will discuss the nutritional and medicinal properties of local plants found in Southern California that can easily be incorporated into your favorite recipes to add a nutritional and medicinal boost.

Wild Medicine:
Healing Ourselves and the Environment through a Connection with Nature
Somewhere along the way we have lost our intimate relationship with our natural world. Through natural plant medicines, wild foods and nature connection, we can rediscover ways to reignite that connection to help relieve modern day ailments while improving physical and psychological well-being. We will discuss wild edible plants, ethical foraging and healing through positive nature connection.

Jess Starwood is a clinical herbalist, wildcrafter and plant-based culinary artist. She is the owner of SunRaven Apothecary in Moorpark, California where she can be found brewing up herbal medicines, crafting unusual wild food dishes and teaching adult and children's classes. She is also the culinary consultant and forager for the acclaimed Ojai Ranch House restaurant, offering creative vegan menu items that incorporate wild foods including fermented nut cheeses and vegan desserts. With her lifelong passion for nature and plants, Jess has studied natural health and herbal medicine for over 15 years and has a Masters of Science degree in Herbal Medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon. Jess offers a wide variety of programs and workshops connecting the community with natural healing and inspiring an invaluable connection with nature and our local environment.

Robert Bingham

UFO Summoner

Robert Bingham is a philosopher and summons unidentified flying objects (UFO). His appearances at events and series that have drawn thousands of followers around the world.

“All that and More” earned him The prestigious title “The Summoner” for his innovation in teaching others how to communicate and make contact with UFOs. Robert has been interviewed by over a dozen media outlets throughout the world to include BBC, Fuji Tokyo TV, Italian Rome TV Voyager just to mention a few.

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he spends time working on his event videos that are displayed on YouTube. He is currently working on a memoir and documentary on his ability to contact and his encounters with UFOs.

Jon McNab

Transmission Meditation

John McNab has been participating in Transmission Meditation, a world service meditation project of Share International, for the past 24 years. He has maintained the recommended maximum rhythm of 3 times per week, 3 hours per session during most of that time. He hosts the Transmission Meditation group in San Diego, one of the longest meeting Transmission Meditation groups that have stayed at the same location.

In addition, John was a member of the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) and participated in their meditations. He also studied with a Siddhi (spiritual gifts and powers) guru named Tattenianda. Disciplines included mantra yogas, pranayama and rainbow bridge meditations.

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Mary Tan

The Light Warrior School for children

International Bestselling Author of The Empowered Child, Mary Tan, is the founder of the Light Warrior School for children and the creator of the Optimal Human Development with 8 Pillars of study. With more than a decade of coaching and speaking experience, she loves helping conscious moms coach their sensitive, yet strong willed children through life challenges with greater ease and confidence. Mary’s mission is to raise the next generation of conscious leaders. Teaching emotional intelligence, expanded awareness, and the spiritual laws of success are a few of the key practices.

Mary graduated from New York University with a degree in Psychology and is a certified Neuro-Linguisitc Programming (NLP) life coach through the Christopher Howard Training program. She studied the psychic arts through Illuminate Your Life, is certified in Reiki level II, and practices soul level healing through the Akashic records. She has integrated the wis- dom of the ages with the truths of the universe to guide you and your child onto a path of greater purpose. Anything less than living your soul’s purpose is a recipe for deep-seated unhappiness. She lives in Southern California with her husband raising two little light warriors of her own. When she’s not empowering moms and children to live their best lives, she’s scoping out the next international city to visit with her family. Otherwise, you’ll find her having a salsa dance party in the living room with her daughters.

Samuel Kiwasz

Sacred Geometry

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Sacred Geometry is the study of the “Oneness of Creation” from the perspective of Geometric Forms and the Patterning found throughout Nature. Understanding the core of Sacred Geometry is a great way to integrate both sides of your brain. It is based in pure mathematics (left brain), while simultaneously giving us a profound insight into the interconnectedness, wonderment and sanctified divinity of all creation (right brain). Let us study this “Path to Oneness” together to help us all keep more Centered and Integrated during this period of Massive Transformation.

In this workshop, I will present ways of looking at patterns and frequencies as they come to us from nature. This will assist us in improving our health, our home and work environment. This way of Being in not only necessary, but essential to our happiness and survival.

Teacher and Sacred Geometry Specialist: Samuel spent 22 years as a school teacher with the L.A. Unified School District where he incorporated his passion for sacred geometry into math through a class called ``Geometric Drawing. The Math/Art Connection.`` Leaving that career, he is now a social entrepreneur and community synergist sharing his passion for assisting people to arrive at their next level of spiritual development. Samuel operates a website called, teaches seminars, maintains an extensive email list dedicated to forward thinking and empowering information sharing. He is known as “The Goodwill Ambassador for the LA Conscious Community”.

Live Performances


Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. Drawing from his cross cultural background and ethnomusicology training at Duke University, Poranguí has over twenty years of international work experience as an artist, musician, educator, filmmaker, consultant and therapist, utilizing the healing properties of sound and movement to foster our individual and collective well being.

As a live looping artist and one-man orchestra Poranguí weaves ancestral songs and indigenous rhythms from around the globe. Creating his performances from scratch using looping technology, Poranguí’s live grooves range from meditative to dance party, moving the body, lifting the spirit, and transcending the divide between performer and audience. His World Soul concerts have taken him around the globe and led him to collaborate with many artists, including current works with Shaman’s Dream and Liquid Bloom.

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Kaminanda's ever evolving sound is a playground of original Midtempo grooves, tribal rhythms,Psy- Dub and lush downtempo textures.Kaminanda's music is designed to take the listener/dancer on a journey traversing landscapes reflecting a myriad of diverse influences.A kaleidoscope of warm melodies and twisting ,winding compositions. With six albums in the wake ,this organic spaceship of frequencies balances musicality and ethereal soundscapes to evoke a deeper and hypnotic experience.

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Jamie Schwabl

Jamie Schwabl is a music lover, DJ and producer. She encompasses many different elements in her sound. Jamie’s upbeat, vivacious presence is contagious to all.

Born and raised in Southern California, she developed her passion for performing at an early age. Jamie’s unique sound comes from adhering to many different tastes and styles of music throughout her life and found her groove as a DJ in blending many different genres of electronic music. Diving into the world of production, Jamie enrolled in Los Angeles’ School of Audio Engineering in 2010. She continued to learn and grow by connecting with people who inspired her to master her craft. She formed Om Phonic, a production project with a friend, releasing tracks that were signed to German label, Shoes Bags and Boys. Later, Jamie made waves when she partnered up and formed the record label Wülfpack.

Jamie’s mastery at the decks is matched by her passion as a Reiki master. For Jamie, music is a tool for healing and elevating one’s vibration. She embodies her energy work into her sets using the crowds spirit as momentum. The music scene has been calling out for Jamie’s boldness and enthusiasm. Her passionate vibrations go beyond the dance floor as they are felt through her productions and in every personal interaction. She inspires all of her friends and fans to be present, persevere and follow your BLISS.

Jamie Schwabl’s musical journey will continue to pave her own path in the world. With no signs of slowing down, Jamie will inspire and influence those around her feel good vibes.

Drew Holly


Drew Holly, intergalactic man of mystery, found himself behind the decks in 2010 and he hasn't looked back once. From moonlit desert campouts to darkened warehouses, he passionately plays driving, melodic, soul-bending house & techno delivered with love ॐ

Growing up in Portland as a multi-instrumentalist performing in live jazz, classical, and rock bands laid the groundwork for a career in the music industry. A wide range of musical interest makes Drew the perfect DJ for any occasion - able to adapt to any situation and deliver music that is perfect for the moment, always from the heart. One finger invariably on the pulse of the ever-changing electronic music heartbeat keeps him in tune with and one step ahead of the game. Whether it’s a dreamy sunset above the clouds or a basement warehouse at creature hour, Drew knows exactly what to play and how to play it, ever fresh and never the same.

Aaron Jacobs


Aaron Jacobs' love for music has run deep through his soul since he first heard his parents records. Growing up, he couldn't stop discovering a vast array of musical greats spanning the genres. As a DJ, Aaron has dabbled in hip-hop, drum n bass, breaks, tech house, deep house, techno, and anything with a bouncy minimal groove to dance to. His sets always stand apart from others with his eclectic selections and his ability to transition from one mood to the other like butter. An underground gem who manages Wülfpack with a lovable pack in Los Angeles. You can catch him out playing or partying any given weekend.

Dynasty Electrik

Dynasty Electrik (aka Dynasty Electric) incorporates DJ elements and live instruments to create a unique fusion of electronic music and psychedelic experience. The group has earned critical praise, had their music featured in television and film, and toured the world.

Their most recent creation, Dynasty Electrik Crystal Sound Bath features traditional sound healing instruments including singing bowls, gongs and Native American flute and drum, along with electronic tones and theremin. The vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized.

Originally formed in Brooklyn, NY, Dynasty Electrik operated the Newsonic performance space and recording studio from 2004-2011 hosting countless events and recording sessions in Williamsburg. Their first album “Black Box” appeared in 2004, their first single “Hypnotized” was licensed to MTV, and the group was cast for a commercial. The group made appearances at SXSW, Burning Man, Summerfest, and The Dewey Beach Music Conference. They produced “Burning” an EP of new material in 2008.

Singing Bear

Anthony Singing Bear is a stylistic singer-songwriter weaving wise words and personal stories into jazzy swing, world beat, reggae, hip hop and soul. His popularity is in large part due to his conscious well-thought lyrics, inventive songwriting, and soulful emotive voice. Bear’s prolific garden of songs seem developed and timeless like something out of the archives, and yet his ever evolving repertoire is very much here and now. It is a unique brand of music, in the style of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Brett Dennen, but really defying all genre classifications.

“Musical Alchemy,” he says, “is an expression for the magic that transforms a normal song into a time traveling portal.” If music rides on the waves of every moment, Singing Bear hovers in the precise here and now, surfing each new note and melody effortlessly as if doing it again for the first time.

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Meliss FX

Meliss FX writes music from the heart about life experiences that touch the soul. Both as a recording and performing artist she has energy and passion that audiences describe as an uplifting, powerful experience. Her music is raw and explores inner dreams and dimensions which will creep into your subconscious and wake up a new existence.

Meliss FX describes herself as a poet overcome with emotion and the only way to release this is to wail it out on the mic. “I am the happiest when I am singing. There is nothing else like it in the world.”

The magnitude of her musical experiences far surpasses that of the most versatile singer. She grew up singing in choirs and quickly branched out to singing everything from Jazz to punk and free styling with djs. Meliss FX has a passion for seeking out sounds from the future and believes in pushing music forward with innovative styles of the electronic world.

The former dance music party promoter from AZ moved to LA and immediately embraced the Electro scene playing shows like the Heist along side Bulimiatron and Alex Zelenka touring across the U.S. Her sassy vocal rhythms have been featured at events such as WMC in Miami and SXSW in Austin. More recently she has fallen in love with Dubstep singing alongside Obsidian.


DJ Woof

Born in Chicago and raised in Los Angeles in 1990, Isaac Yoon began his interest in DJing from a young age. He surrounded himself with DJs and always had his ears to the newest mixes from his favorite Dance DJs. He got his first gig at an international Halloween party in South Korea. Since then, Isaac has gone deep into the music world and played music at a wide variety of private parties and special events in Southern California, including a residency spot at the famous Los Angeles Artwalk.

Having worked some of Southern California’s most esteemed event planners, Isaac is highly experienced in knowing how to navigate the ever-changing mood of a party, for every age group and any type of party.

Child of the Mountain

Child of the Mountain is a music project created by multi-instrumentalists Sarah Glass and Alisa Rose Healy. The duo first met in a street percussion ensemble in 2011, and after moving in together 5 years later, they began songwriting with a looper, harps, drums, crystal singing bowl, piano, and vocal harmonies. The band has recently expanded to include mountain and hammer dulcimers, mandolin, lyre, violin, and cello accompanied by friends and fellow musicians Terrell Liedstrand, Steven Sparapani, and Ansley Luce. Our dream for our music is to spread wonder, joy, and love by bringing people together in song and dance. Thank you for listening!


Inspirational Reggae artist influencing the masses to spread positivity and love!
His music is very upbeat and motivating. Born and raised in Reno,Nv but on a mission to get his message heard around the world.

Athena Starseed

I am that I am...that's what I am.
Formless Form...Spinning in concentric Rings of Spiraling Rainbow Light...Ever Expanding into Infinity!
I am a Mother, a Lover, a Poet, a Seer, a Dreamer, a Singer and a Musical Melody played by Prime Creator!

Sound Healing Dome


Sonic Geometree

Rama has been playing music since age 9 when he started with classical guitar lessons. That love of music had lead him to his current instrument, the sitar. He is a pioneer of World fusion music and has packed clubs and festivals up and down the West coast since 1996 with bands Numantra (Seattle), Ubzorb (SF bay area) and UBUV (San Diego). He has published music for film and tv and has toured to Europe and Asia with world record holding band, Liquid Blue. Rama’s passion for sound and frequency healing over the years has lead him to the 432hz tuning and is currently involved in pioneering a Sonic Geometry surround sound system based on sacred geometry, as a delivery method of healing tones.

Helane Marie Anderson

Helane Anderson is the author of YOU ARE MEANT TO SING! 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice.

Helane is an Sound Healer, Inner Voice Coach and Singer helping people use their singing voices to communicate their message and connect with the deepest parts of themselves. She is also a trained classical pianist and singer with extensive experience in the classical music industry as an administrator and has produced two sound healing albums: ELEMENTAL ALCHEMY and PAINTED SOUND: A Journey Through the 7 Chakras. She has held Artistic Programming positions at both the Los Angeles Philharmonic and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and served as Director of Composers & Repertoire at renowned classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes. After spending many years in the music industry while continuing to work as a performing arts consultant, Helane decided it was time to give back. She eventually reconnected with her voice through an extensive healing journey though building a healing practice with massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, shamanism, yoga teacher training and sound healing, and eventually created YOU WERE MEANT TO SING!, a program that gets people to connect with their inner voices, sing and themselves share with the world.

Helane facilitates sound baths and workshops throughout the Los Angeles area and elsewhere and maintains a private practice. You can learn more about her work and upcoming events at

Seth Misterka

Seth Misterka is a musician and meditation teacher who began studying yoga in 1994 as a teenager, after receiving a copy of B.K.S. Iyengar’s classic 'Light on Yoga'. While studying philosophy and music at Wesleyan University, he met his first guru in the form of master musician Anthony Braxton who introduced him to the mystical dimension of sound. He has additionally studied at Ananda Ashram and Fairhaven Healing Arts Center with master energy healer Lisa Ishwari Murphy who introduced him to Svaha Yoga, the Yoga of Sound. He currently lives in Los Angeles, practicing and teaching music, yoga, and mediation at Mystic Journey LA.

Serina Wolf

Sound Practitioner / Energy Light-worker

Serina, having a background in classical piano, she has always found sound and music to be a place of healing. She herself found sound meditation through her own healing journey and with her passion for helping others, dedicated her life to learning various ancient sound instruments.

She studied with several different local and non-local sound healers and is a Certified Sound Practitioner through International Academy of Sound Healing. Deeply connecting with sacred sound instruments, she brings a heart based loving intention to her practice.

Christopher Parnell

Sound Healer. Reiki Master. Didgeridoo & Orgone Crafter.

Christopher has a deep passion for life and respect for the indigenous healers and teachers that initiated him with their profound wisdom and compassion. Shortly after his initiation, he began his own healing journey, deeply connecting with these ancient healing sounds that continue to inspire, transform and transcend his life. Christopher’s group and individual sessions are created with loving intentions that will take you on a heart journey.

Christopher’s passion for the healing tones of the Didgeridoo/Mayan Trumpet has inspired him to craft his own and share them worldwide with the intention of connecting people with the Sacredness of their own breath and heart. His materials vary from reclaimed hardwoods to yucca/agave and are infused with crystals and metals to enhance the healing benefits of these Sacred instruments.


Diving deep into the soul of Daniel Jacob Molayem takes us on a journey through the portals of unconditional love for positively charged growth of all beings on planet earth. Through the use of vibrational sound medicine, Molayem builds the connection between the rhythm in our hearts and the true calling we are born to experience. Iranian-Jewish-American, with a background in storytelling, filmmaking arts, piano improvisation and Setar, the collaboration of culture finds home in the soul of his sounds. All performances are equipped fully with an honest selection of essential oils to connect the frequencies directly to mother earth.

Molayem builds an experience for transformation, healing and an intimate play with our inner child. Healer on the ones and twos. As the musical performance connects to the group, Molayem works intimately with individuals inside his traveling ceremonial space, Temple of Love. Teas, Essential oils, connections, touch, play, manifestation of the love our hearts call for in this world. A portal is created, making available the infinite energy of the universe. Connecting deep to our intuition, perfection in Movement.

Delia Hogan

RYT/Sound Healer

Balance, relaxation, stress & emotional release, deep meditation and restoration. Delia is a native of Los Angeles, she understands how stressful life on LA’s roads and highways can be. She strives to bring peace, a calmness and restore balance to everyone she works with through yoga and sound healing. Delia earned her RYT 200 certification at Loyola Marymount University where she studied with Terra Gold, well-known author and instructor Larry Payne and many others. She discovered sound healing while studying with Guru Singh. This led Delia to seek out a wide variety of sound bath practitioners, with whom she studied privately and earned her sound healer certification. Delia is a dedicated mother, a creative interior designer, an intrepid world traveler and, most important, a warm and dedicated friend who loves connecting with people.

Marc Christian

Marc Christian is a Filipipino American cellist, drummer, pianist, and composer residing in the LA area. He studied cello performance at California State University Northridge under Dr. Diane Roscetti. Marc is classically trained however has ventured off from the traditional classical route of many cellists. He focuses on various genres ranging from rock, hip hop, experimental and his own contemporary compositions.

Hilary Wilhelm

Hilary Wilhelm is an intuitive sound healer and licensed massage therapist, who loves helping people connect to their body's innate ability to heal itself.

She pulls from experiences in her own life, creating unique sound healings that encourage people to embrace the diversity of their feelings.

For her sound healing experience, bring a yoga mat, pillows, and blankets, while you enjoy the healing sounds and vibrations from crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and a planetary gong.

Go on an acoustic journey as you unwind, relax, restore your body, and recalibrate your mind with ease.

Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross has integrated her passion for healing and music, to work with the physical and subtle energies of the living being sound therapy. Rachel is certified practicing sound healer with specialty in Himalayan singing bowls, Tibetan sacred instruments, tuning forks, and Paiste planetary gongs.

Sound and music have been regarded as healing and medicinal tools across cultures and from the beginning of time, playing an important part in individual and community healing and wellbeing. Modern science has proven that the body’s nervous system responds to sound vibration to induce the relaxation response and meditative mind, reducing stress and enhancing wellbeing.

Also as a certified Reiki Healer, Rachel is able to expand the healing with her specialties of healing through hands as well as distant healing .

Rachel Ross
Certified Sound Therapist
Certified Reiki Healer

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Jessica Paquette

Jessica Paquette started her journey into yoga while volunteering at an orphanage in Calcutta, India. With spirited yogis around her, she became intrigued with the yoga philosophy and immediately knew that yoga was the spiritual journey she was looking for. When she came back to the US, she enrolled in Yoga teacher training in San Diego with no expectations of becoming a teacher. She started teacher training to learn about yoga theory and it has changed her life for the best. She graduated with the 200 hour Certification in 2007 and has been teaching ever since. In the last few years, Jessica has been embarking in the world of sound healing and energy/psychic healing. Jessica has found spreading yoga, sound and psychic readings is her service and purpose in this lifetime. Through the yoga and sound healing journey, Jessica know believes the real emotional healing is in vibrational medicine. You will find Jessica hauling gongs and bowls around to all her yoga classes. Jessica teaches kundalini, restorative, and power yoga at equinox and SOHO yoga in Hermosa Beach.

Art Walk

Amanda Sage

Artist Statement

‘Through my work I aim to shatter the ‘illusion of separation’, to challenge the viewer to question, and evolve out of ignorance, conditioning and ingrained genetic habits.

In life I strive to take responsibility for the effect of my existence, and through my actions and images, inspire others to think/dream beyond their immediate capacity. Ultimately I seek to create portals that open to the infinite possibilities of being and expressing, so that we may remember and re-discover who we are, where we originate from and where we are headed.

My aspiration is to paint messages, visions and narratives that communicate with an ‘older & wiser us’, awakening ancient memory; as well as the ‘present us’, that we may grow up and accept the responsibilities towards ourselves, each other and the rest of existence on this planet… now :)’

Amanda Sage is at the forefront of a new breed of visionary artists using art as a tool for personal, spiritual and planetary growth and transformation.

Born 1978 in Denver, Colorado; her adventurous spirit carried her to Bali, then on to Vienna, Austria to study classical painting with Michael Fuchs, resulting in becoming a long time painting assistant to Ernst Fuchs.

When not traveling to teach workshops or for projects & exhibitions, she currently spends most of her time in her studio above the HIVE Gallery & Studio’s and the Temple of Visions Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

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Mear One

MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman) has been at the forefront of LA’s graffiti and mural culture for nearly three decades. He is famous for having pioneered the Melrose graffiti art movement in the late 80s and is considered by many to be LA’s most prolific public muralist. Early on in his career, MEAR gained his recognition for building the bridge between graffiti art and fine art. He was the first graffiti artist to exhibit at the infamous 01 Gallery on Melrose, as well as at 33 1/3 Gallery in Silverlake, where Banksy would later debut his first North American show. MEAR ONE’s work was part of the landmark Art in the Streets 2011 exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. He is perhaps best known for constructing powerful narratives juxtaposing philosophy, ancient mythology and modern politics to inspire an evolved conscious. This interpretation of reality is achieved through balanced dialogue between realism and the supernatural. MEAR ONE helps us envision the sublime spirit of our time – not by escaping reality, but by confronting it head on.

Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Known primarily as an emerging visionary graphic artist, Cameron has qualifications in Graphic Design, Photography, Multimedia Design, and Contemporary Arts, as well as a keen interest in new media, sculpture, jewelry making, painting, experimental video and sound design.

His influences and admirations include Troy Ruffels, David Ho, Ryan Larkin, Bill Viola, Ash Sivils, Janelle McKain, Simon Haiduk, Alex Grey, Amanda Sage, Justin Totemical, Android Jones and Pieter Bruegel to name a small selection.

Cameron’s work is regularly displayed in live music & arts festivals across the globe, the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn, New York, and his body of work has been selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia as one of the countries artists of the 21st century.

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Benedigital aka Ben Encarnacion is a visionary mixed media artist from Los Angeles, CA. He
channels powerful visions that transform into mirrors of our own expansion as a collective consciousness. His mission is to share reminders of the light we hold within that enhance and elevate our reality. His otherworldly digital vision quest is a fusion of cosmic consciousness, mystical experiences and ancient revelations. Channeling his groundbreaking personal experiences by remixing painting and digital graphics. Embracing these practices, ideals and energy, Benedigital’s work is becoming a vital component in the global visionary arts movement and live painting community.

Linzy Miggantz

LinZy Miggantz is a visionary artist who has suffered from crohns disease for many years. Crohns Disease kept her from living life and doing her artwork because of all the pain. At one point during a very paintful moment she had a vision. In that moment between reality and consciousness she experienced a beautiful divine white light fused with golden sparks and purple luminescent spirals envelope her body as she melted in to the warmth of universal loving energy. It was at this moment she finally found true inner peace and sacred space within. She then saw a vision of a green woman with smoke stacks and grey skies behind the woman. Linzy knew this was the cannabis diva crying for help and saying it wanted to help us and our earth back to health.

Through the use of cannabis oil, sacred geometry, art and colour theory/therapy LinZy has found life again. When LinZy creates a piece of art she usually uses colours from the entire spectrum in order to create a visual balance that sings to the eyes, soul, and entire chakra system. Using colours that correlate with the emotions she is feeling while painting, she balances her self out energetically which also helps to calm and soothe her body from her crohns disease and other ailments while the CANNABIS OIL works to repair damage, regenerate tissues, and refortify her ENDOCANNABINOID system.


Vajra is a self-taught visionary artist from Southern California. Drawing inspiration from across cultures, space and time, Vajra’s art is a synthesis of timeless knowledge, contemporary aesthetics and his own unique vision. Since he was a child, Vajra was mesmerized by the dazzling beauty and complexity of life in all its forms and equally distraught by its destruction. It is this fierce love that motivates him as an artist - his brush is moved by the joy and sorrow of our planet. He creates art for the betterment of all beings, that we may better understand ourselves, each other, and how we can work together to create the world we’ve always known was possible. His paintings are portals through which trans-dimensional entities may visit our plane, imparting their wordless wisdom with the world. He invites you to his website where he shares the stories behind his paintings. May his art find a home at the altar of your heart.


As a glass artist, my passion is to make glass more accessible to everyone. As the oldest man-made material on Earth, glass has become considered mundane by many - when it is anything but. We may utilize glass, see through glass, touch glass every day, and often overlook its potential as an artistic medium. I hope that everyone will have an opportunity to see this material as a dynamic and moving substance, which can be manipulated and have ideas encapsulated within. I try to honor this concept when I work with borosilicate glass. Some objects may be recognizable flowers with their own unique surroundings, or ``Spirits`` that have been captured in the glass, others are colorful Maelstroms that spin into the cosmic distance. Every piece I create is a representation of my aesthetic - and is one of a kind.

Quincy Clemons

Born under the August Sun, this son of a musician, was the third child, born on the third day, to a family, in the middle of hopes and dreams. One of the first ``Love`` children, he grew to manhood under the watchful eyes of Uncle Sam and The Nazerian. Studying spiritual concepts from childhood and putting pen to paper art was ignited, the need to create was overwhelming. Exploring this path led to an institution in Pittsburgh dedicated to art. Here he studied and then later blossomed in the coal soaked mountains along the Allegheny and Monongahela. Finding a purpose, the quest began for a message, a quest that would lead far and wide, but would eventually land him at the door of his lost dreams. In the city that boasts of angels and promises the heavens, he was returned. Finding the time and space necessary explore his inner thoughts, all was slowly burned away, till all that was left was the sacred. The geometry of the universe, African cosmology, Euclidean theory, Fibonacci and the golden mean, these are the ingredients of the soup that makes Unyenz an artist

Melody Smoker

I was born August 29th 1998 in Northern California and moved to Los Angeles when I was 2. There was no beginning for my art as I was always creating something and loved all artistic platforms. At 18 had my first art exhibition of my Santa Monica sunrise acrylic paintings and have since displayed in various places throughout Los Angeles.
I became continuously captivated by the color. Even an overcast sunrise, had such subtle variations in color that even as pastels or neutrals were so rich in their purity. When I graduated highschool I began studying art on my own at home and found I enjoyed preparing all the colors for the paintings myself. I would mix all the colors, including black, from the primaries red, yellow, blue, and white. Any color you see in this exhibition was hand mixed from these four.

I never expected to be painting the ocean. To me, the ocean itself is an expression of color and light. As if formless, unattainable and only able to be found by the eye. I began going to the ocean myself and was struck by the immensity of it all. Sitting at the shore is just as being covered and surrounded by color and light. The water, sand, and sky all unable to be held by the hand. I have found the ocean as a reflection in all of the color.

Each painting in this collection is a singular moment that makes up a larger experience. I found that each moment would clearly show who I am by how my work would present itself. Each loose paint stroke, pristinely executed blend of sky, or layered ocean was an example of that present state of being, of who I was in that moment. My display of this would represent my playfulness, seriousness, laziness, inspiration, or discipline. I know as I continue to paint these and new subject matters, the work as a whole will be an art of who I am in the development of my expression, self discipline and freedom.

Tea House & Oil Essences / Tonic Bar

Daniel Molayem

Temple of Love

Interactive Tea House Experience

Welcome to the portal of your higher self. Through sensitizing our senses to the delicate taste and aroma of organic teas & pure essential oil extracts, we open our charkas to receive the highest light. A step past the conscious mind. An environment intentionalized to the manifestation of the love you truly seek. As we soak deep into our authentic self, we allow others to see us for who we truly are. As the collective consciousness of the temple creates bridges to the soulmate frequency we allow the universe the opportunity to shift our alignment into a magnetic path of our hearts love vibration. Creating art, writing poems, speaking this truth into the tea, guiding the plant medicine to open you up in the ways of your desire. We create a beacon of light, to open space and send out vibrations to our deep cosmic lovers.

Herbal Thom

Certified Tonic Herbalist

Herbal Thom is a Certified Tonic Herbalist, Qigong Level 3 Practitioner (specializing in Food Based Healing), Reiki Master, Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner and an Ordained Minister.

A member of the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation and Pastoral Medical Association.

Thom has been working in healing arts for over 10 years focusing on Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Nutrition, Reiki, Sacred Music as well as extensive Vocal training and has also studied various forms of Yoga and Martial Arts including: Aikido, Kenpo, Kobudo, as well as Bhakti, Jivamukti, Mantra, Naada (Sound) and Tantra yoga.

He studied at Kirtan College at Kashi Ashram with Bhagavan Das and Durga Das and includes teachings and workshops with Sri Amma Amritanandamayi, Amma Sri Karunamayi, Chief Sonne Reyna, Ron Teegarden, Botanist – David McLean, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Migmar Tseten, Shrila Narayan Maharaja, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Michael Mirdad, Wim Hof, and Breath Master – Vajra Pranananda.

For More Info:


Nandhiji Tapas

Opening and Closing Ceremony

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian & visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji shares the mystic wisdom and teachings of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India.
Nandhi's mission- to reach humanity with uplifting Consciousness through wisdom, community & enterprise.

Three Ariven Temple Vision / Declaration of Consciousness Movement: Empowering Humanity:

World Yogi Day: Empower Yourself - Be the Yogi:

Ariven Community: Global sanctuaries for retired animals, yoga community, biodynamic farming: Empowering Communities:

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Improving conditions along our coastline and marine life collecting thousands of lbs of trash per year​

About the DisclosureFest Foundation

We are an initiative and community based nonprofit platform that unites like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, education on health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives with volunteer based programs. ​

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DisclosureFest Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.
DisclosureFest Foundation Tax ID #82-1470614.​